Our experienced staff has the knowledge to help answer any questions. Ranging from welding machine issues, which electrode to use, or which gases your need — we have the solutions for you.
We offer rental welding machines, smoke eaters, cylinder cages, and more. Call to inquire about availability.
Have a machine that is malfunctioning? We work with authorized repair services to diagnose issues and repair as needed.
If you have a cylinder that is expired and/or you have any concerns about the strength of it we take care of getting them tested and recertified.
We offer valve replacement on any and all cylinders if one is broken or you want to convert to different type of gas.
We refill and recertify fire extinguishers of any size. Also, we sell new fire extinguishers with New York City certified tags.
We pride ourselves on being able to deliver your order the NEXT day after you order!